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Silvio Moreto - ebooki

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Silvio Moreto Pereira is a developer within more than 7 years of experience with front-end technologies which have created many web sites and web applications using the Bootstrap framework from simple pages up to complex ones, always using the Bootstrap framework.

Silvio is also the creator of the bootstrap-select plugin ( http://silviomoreto.github.io/bootstrap-select/ ), which is a very popular plugin among the community, to replaces a select element into a Bootstrap button dropdown element. He foresaw that a plugin like that was missing in the original framework, and could be useful for the community. He created the plugin and the community helps him on maintaining the plugin.

Besides that, he is very engaged in the open source community, participating of some open source repositories and issues communities, such as Stack Overflow. Also, he has finish in third place in the world wide django-dash 2013 challenge.


First, I would like to thank my wife to supporting me through the writing process of the book. I would like to thank my dog for staying beside me every night when I was writing and be the inspiration to scenarios in the book. Also wants to thank to the editors from PACKT from understanding and guiding me through the completion of the book.

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